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Bob and Carla's interesting vacation part 3

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My wife Carla kissed me and looked me in the eye as she said she hoped I would have as much fun with Tony and Bev as she was going to have with Errol and his bellhop friends. Tony led me back out to his car then he drove me downtown, but this time he stopped outside a bar and then reversed into the driveway on the side for deliveries. I was then taken in through the side door and placed into a booth where my hands and feet were chained, this allowed me to get up and move around slightly, but not leave the booth. A red light was then switched on and the covers removed from the slots in the wal… Read more

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Transforming Genevieve Ch. 17


During my last class on Tuesday afternoon, I was startled when my cell phone which I had in the pocket of my slacks began vibrating. I always turn off the ringer during class as I request my students also do. After class, I check my voice mail to find that Bill had called. He apologized telling me that he had to cancel for Wednesday night. Seems Tess had made a prior commitment which he could not get out of. Bill said he would get in touch with me as soon as he could. It seemed kind of strange that he couldn’t tell me when he’d be calling me again but I figured he had a good reason. I resign… Read more

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The Ceremony - Part 2

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The Ceremony - Part 2 Gilly was the first girl scheduled for a Ceremony this week. Gilly had nylon come of age last week. She was a true ginger, fine red hair and pale white skin. Her face blossomed with freckles. Gilly was painfully thin, pipe cleaner arms and gangly legs. What fuelled the whispers in he school was her pairing with Mr Smith. Or Mr Horse Cock to give him the nickname the girls use... For you see Mr Smith is magnificently well endowed, as have many girls found out. His cock is a good twelve inches, and beer can thick. The head looks like the proverbial sheep's heart. When i… Read more

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Wendy52 asked to babysit 4

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By the time my mind had cleared and my body had stopped rolling from orgasm to orgasm the boys had led me back out to the car. My pussy was leaking cum all down my legs, and my face and tits were covered in hot sticky cum. They allowed me to sit in the car and recover as they loaded the groceries into the boot of the car. On the journey home, they allowed me to concentrate on my driving and didn't touch my body or play with me once. I was allowed to go into the house while they unloaded the car. I walked back out and said I needed to go to my house to get fresh clothes that fit me and would b… Read more

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It started out taking pictures

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Tiffany's friend invited us over for a dinner thing but we ended up going out to eat and came back to her place and sat around talking a bit about stuff. The subject turned to taking pictures of stuff and she brought up that I send her pictures in her text messages some time. So her friend asked what kind of pictures? Well, Tiffany paused and said, Let me show you. She pulls out her phone and shown her friend some of of them and her friend grabs her phone and starts scrolling through them. Stopping a bit looking at certain ones a little longer. Tiffany said, See? She replied, "I do", in a inte… Read more

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Wife needs a bigger cock than I can give 2


John walked down the stairs with the biggest grin a man could ever have on his face. I had my little 4-inch cock out and was wanking away trying to cum before he got down here, but had to now put it away as he entered the cave. I looked at him and waited for him to speak. He looked me in the eyes and said you are one lucky man, she is such a sexy woman, and her body still feels like a teenagers. He said you need to let me fuck her again now I have tasted how tight her pussy is, I need to fuck it more often. It was at this point I suddenly thought what have I done, will my wife ever want my l… Read more

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Best Friend's Dad

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Abel’s mom is of the super-religious variety while his dad is more lax about things. The fact that my name is Lilith does not put me into Abel’s mom’s good graces either. His mom’s name is Eve, which is short for Evelyn, and she will tear into you if you call her anything but Eve. The woman is fucking delusional. His mom went on church outings about one week a month with Azura and Seth, Abel's younger siblings. I’m pretty sure it was some sort of purity bullshit. Cain, Abel's older brother, was in college and not at home. Which meant for about a week every month it was just Adam and Abel at h… Read more

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My Sister Kay visits Santa!!!


My sister Kay found out the other day that I was going to be playing Santa Claus on the same evening that she was going to be travelling through town. I told her she should stop by and get a picture on Santa’s lap but she replied, “My idea of sitting on Santa’s lap might not work with a crowd around.” Yeah, that got my north pole as hard as polar ice!! Anyhow, that evening it seemed like every mother and grandmother that came to get their precious little one’s picture w… Read more

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Meeting Victor's old friend

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It was Friday night. My beloved Victor and I had been invited to a pub, to have a few drinks with a close friend of ours. Tom had been a friend of my husband’s since they were office mates in the past. He had also been a frequent lover of mine over the years. Best of all, he was black… a huge black one… We entered the place and found Tom was already there, seated in a booth. He rose to greet us and gave me big hug, sliding his hands inside my coat and grabbing my buttocks with both hands. Laughing, we took off our coats we and sat down, me sliding into the corner, with Tom next to me and my… Read more

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I need a quickie at the glory hole

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Friday afternoon I was driving back home after going in a business trip to a near town. My sweet Ana was also far from home, nursing one of her nice cousins who lived in the West Coast. So, I was not in a hurry to get an empty home. As I was entering our town, I could not resist a stop at an adult book store that I used to visit with my sexy wife. I paid the entrance fee and went into the arcade area. One thing for certain about this store was that it had the darkest arcade area I had ever been in. There were no doors on any of the booths, just a few flimsy curtains. The nice thing was it ha… Read more

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Well used by two black cocks

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That summer afternoon was being really warm. My beloved hubby had left early for his office; but after having a shower, he had returned to bed and fucked me as I deserved. I was amazed, as my sweet Victor did not use to have me in the early morning. As we were recovering the breath, I asked him about his sudden arousal. But the he laughed, saying today would come some young black guys he had hired to do the back yard and he wanted me sexually satisfied, just in case. But now after lunch time; as Victor was busy at his office, I was looking out the window at those magnificent chocolate pieces…… Read more

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My wife finds a new black lover

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Anita knew my darkest fantasy was watching a nasty black stud who used her and passed her around to his friends. But it also aroused my sensual wife every time we talked about. One evening I came home and found Ana was really excited. She told me a black man she had met in the net, would come home to pick her up and later he would give her to another friend… He had agreed to let me be there watching. After dinner he called Ana, saying it would be better if we could go to his place. He had a very comfortable house not so far from us. His name was Vince. He was a nice looking black man in his l… Read more

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True Nudist Story One As a teenager I went on a seaside family holiday to France. Where we went was not a nudist beach. There were however many women sunbathing topless which was causing an embarrassing bulge in my swimming trucks. I think it’s okay to say on here that I was sixteen as that is the legal age of consent in the UK and over that of France. Anyway as like any most teenagers I was always keen to get away from the rest of the family so I walked down the long beach. The further I walked I noticed that there were more topless women also the more dips I had to take in the cool sea to s… Read more

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First nudist Experience

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True Nudist Story One As a teenager I went on a seaside family holiday to France. Where we went was not a nudist beach. There were however many women sunbathing topless which was causing an embarrassing bulge in my swimming trucks. I think it’s okay to say on here that I was sixteen as that is the legal age of consent in the UK and over that of France. Anyway as like any most teenagers I was always keen to get away from the rest of the family so I walked down the long beach. The further I walked I noticed that there were more topless women also the more dips I had to take in the cool sea to s… Read more

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Trainer meets His Goal PT6 Blacken

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Marc left Lisa's place mid afternoon on Sunday, after having spent most of the last fifteen hours naked in bed with her. Matt had called once to talk with his wife, and Marc had made her take the call, even as she sat straddling him with his thick black shaft driven ten inches deep into her hungry white pussy. Marc mused that Matt must have known that something was going on because as Lisa spoke with him, Marc was pumping in and out of her, causing her to audibly moan with pleasure. He smiled up at her, knowing that Matt had to be wondering what was happening. Lisa was doing her best to stifle… Read more

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Martha, our shy nieighbor


My sweet wife had left me alone that whole week; she had gone nursing her niece Patricia to a not so far town from us. Friday night I was getting bored at home after having a light supper; so I called Ana and asked her for any suggestion to do by myself. My naughty wife laughed in the phone and she said I had two choices: I could jerk myself inside the bathroom or I could go to a stripper club to watch some naked bitches; but I should not touch, just look and suffer with my cock aching inside of my trousers… I told Ana it was not so bad idea and she laughed even louder… As I hung up the p… Read more

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The Farmer


It was a glorious, hot, late summer’s day. We had been hiking on the fringes of Exmoor, spending lunch on a ledge high above the Bristol Channel, the bracken tumbling steeply away to the sea in front, south Wales glimmering on the horizon to the north. During the afternoon we worked our way inland, eventually taking a track on the edge of the moor next to meadows full of grazing sheep. It was here that disaster struck when I slipped and twisted my ankle. After hobbling on for a few hundred metres, but it became clear that I could not walk the hour or so back to our hotel. We sat down in a patc… Read more

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Broken and made to want to be used ...

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This happened a few months after I had been taken by Bruce, Charlie and Daniel when I was skipping a class. If you do not remember these three are the worst of worst Juvenal Delinquents that an urban high school could produce. These three had taken me against my will the very first day that we all met! I was used repeatedly by the three of them for six or seven hours, after the first three I believe I just gave up fighting and allowed them to pleasure their selves with my body! I was made to perform oral sex with them over and over and they took me anally repeatedly until I had no fight left… Read more

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Hitching a ride

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This story is about an event that happened while i was in the military names have been altered as this happened during the don't ask don't tell era of the military. Duty had just ended it was a Friday and i wasn't scheduled for duty during the weekend. I knew i wanted too go into town but didn't have a ride and didn't want to spend a lot of money on cab fare. I was a private first class and did not get paid a lot of money so i figured i would do what all good soldiers do and that is walk into town. So i set out for town i figured that i could hitch a ride with some one and use the money i h… Read more

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Jenny from next door.


Me and the wide have been happily married for over forty years now, and living in the same house for most of that time. And now we're both retired, I spend most of my time doing handyman jobs around the house, and have become pretty good at it. Now, about a month or so ago, a new young couple moved in next door, and they seemed very nice and friendly. Nathan, was a young handsome man in his early twenties and an accountant, he was very polite and spent most of his time at the office, and Jenny was a petite blonde young woman, in her early twenties, who had an online company of some sort, but s… Read more

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